Weekly Oracle Reading

This weeks reading comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Card deck, created by Doreen Virtue. 2 cards were drawn for this. Card 1 Heart to Heart Conversations Honestly discuss your feelings with each other. The angels believe your romantic life needs honest communication. You will require effort to heal the situation of masking your feelings … Continue reading Weekly Oracle Reading


Questions Questions

My followers; What content would you like to see? I ask this, for this weeks post, as I am curious as to what you would like to see. More oracle readings? Perhaps your own reading? More information about crystals and oils? Astrology posts? Spirit animals - what they are and how to contact? Please do … Continue reading Questions Questions

Weekly Guidance

This is the weekly guidence from the stars. Deck is Astrology Reading Cards by Alison Chester Lambert. The planet cards represent yout personality engaged with the question asked or issue raised. The zodiac cards represent the universal energy that colours your question/issue. The influence around you or general feeling around the matter. The house cards … Continue reading Weekly Guidance