Weekly Oracle Reading

20171203_175656Todays reading comes from Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue, PH.D. All information on this post comes from this deck. It is my own photography of the cards, but the artwork on the cards belongs to Doreen Virtue, as do the information on the cards belongs to her as well.

Curiosity – Start a project related to something you’re curious about

Let go of stress – Don’t take on other people’s stress. Breathe it out now.

Your curiosity is like a road map that helps you know your soul’s preferred direction. You’re naturally curious about areas of life that are related to your Divine mission (the reason you came to Earth.)

Watch your thoughts and actions to get a better sense of where your curiosity lies. Notice topics thay excite you. Observe what you do in your spare time. Watch what grabs your attention about other people. Your close friends and family members can also offer their observations about your areas of curiosity.

Use your curiosity as fuel to drive you forward toward a better understanding of yourself and your world – Doreen Virtue.

Your body has been tense because the people around you are wound up too tight. This has made you think you’re the one stressed, when its really them. Stress has had some bad effects on you such as making you feel sad or angry. You may have had trouble sleeping. Now is the time to do something about this.

Stress can worsen things, so its important to let it go. Breathe a deep gulp of air and think about what makes you stressed. Them blow those things out, and the angels and unicorns will take them to heaven where everything is fixed. Stretch your arms and legs so that your body lets go of stress too.

Now think of something that makes you happy. You can talk to a friend, a pet, your angels and unicorns. You don’t have to feel stress and anger or sadness. You have the power to choose your thoughts and feelings. The unicorns hope that you’ll choose to feel happy right now – Doreen Virtue


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